Prepare Your Bob Marley CD for Warlord’s Buffalo Soldiers

January 21, 2013 by dracs

Warlord have released two new box sets to allow you to field some of the most famed infantry forces of the American Army of WWII; the American-Japanese Nisei and the Coloured "Buffalo Soldiers".

Buffalo Soldiers Box Art

Buffalo Soldiers

Nicknamed the "Buffalo Soldiers" after their ancestors who had fought in the American Civil War, the 92nd Coloured Infantry Division acquitted itself well in the battle against the fascist forces of Europe, receiving two Congressional Medals of Honour, 1,166 Bronze Stars and 1,891 Purple Hearts. All this despite heavy prejudice from their own side.

Nisei Box Art


The American-Japanese Nisei of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team also had to face distrust and prejudice from their white American compatriots. Despite this they went on to become one of the most highly decorated units of the war, earning eight Presidential citations and 21 Congressional Medals of Honour and 9,486 purple hearts.

If you want to field these in a game of Bolt Action be sure to pick up the their rules in Armies of the United States.

Armies of the United States

Will you be picking up either of these impressive units who were ready to go into battle and prove their loyalty and worth?

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