Reinforce Your French Forces For Bolt Action With Warlord

June 9, 2014 by brennon

Warlord Games have put together a series of individual miniature packs allowing you to pick up single French Soldiers for dioramas and of course mixing in with existing Bolt Action armies to give them a bit more character. See what you think of the handful below...

French Gun Crewman

French Kneeling With Rifle

French LMG Team

French Officer With Pistol

There are a lot more of them to check out and they're viewable by checking out the links above. The French are certainly one force that I've never really considered for World War II gaming but I think a few people are using them at my local store and it would be fun to see how they play. Some of the miniatures and the uniform designs are pretty awesome so that's a big draw!

As well as these French miniatures there has also been an FAQ update for Bolt Action which you can check out after the jump HERE.

Are you a French player?

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