Rolling British Tanks & New US Loaders For Bolt Action

November 19, 2013 by brennon

Warlord Games are rolling in the heavy metal for the British with the release of the Crusader Mk I/II Tank and keeping the ammunition topped up with a bunch of US .30 Cal Loaders too for Bolt Action!

Crusader Mk I Cruiser Tank

Crusader Mk I Cruiser Tank (Alt)

First up we have the aforementioned Crusader Tank which is looking pretty awesome. I have been loving being on the German side with Bolt Action but I have always liked the look of the British tanks when flicking through the rulebooks.

These tanks were deployed extensively in the desert and their high speed worked well with the mobile nature of desert warfare.

Airborne .30 Cal Redeploying

US Marine .30 Cal Firing

US Marine .30 Cal Redeploying

As well as that you can make sure everything is fine ammunition wise with a bunch of marines and airborne models that will be reloading those .30 Cal guns. I think it's nice to have a few of these metal miniatures dotted in around your other plastic soldiers as it gives you a neat level of added depth and character.

Some neat additions to the Bolt Action range!

Will you be picking up a Crusader?

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