Can You Spy Warlord’s Cleverly Camouflaged Cromwell?

July 15, 2014 by dracs

Warlord Games have released a new version of their Bolt Action Cromwell tank, this time featuring the burlap camouflage which was often used on them during World War Two.

Cromwell with Burlap Camo

Cromwell with Burlap Camo Side

Cromwell with Burlap Camo Back

According to Warlord, the burlap camouflage's use of separate strips draped around the tank helped to break up the vehicle's outline and gave the impression of leaves.

Not being a Bolt Action player, I don't know whether or not the camouflage has any effects in game terms, but it does help to make specific tanks stand out in your army. Kind of ironic that. Still, it adds an extra level of verisimilitude to the game, as well as more variety to your collection.

Will you camouflage your Cromwell in time for the Tank Wars supplement?

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