Your Tank Looks Too Clean! Put More Stuff On It With Stowage From Warlord

September 28, 2015 by stvitusdancern

If you have ever been in the military, then you will know that they give you all kinds of useless junk and stuff you really need you have to go out and get it and then the problem is where do you put it?

Stowage #1

You sure as heck are not going to carry it, so you need to find some sucker...err... friend to carry it for you. Well they sure are not going to do it because they are doing the same thing as you.

Stowage #2

So you both think we will throw it on a vehicle, like that tank rolling by, but all tankers know they hardly have room for their bodies let alone their gear, so a lot of it ends outside lashed to the hull in some fashion.

Stowage #3

Now Warlord is replicating that feel with a special offer, you purchase a tank for Bolt Action from them and they will give you a stowage sprue so you can trick out your ride. It does add a nice touch of reality when you see one with all kinds of equipment attached to it.

You know you want more tanks, so why not order yours now and get yourself some extras. Oh, if you order before the end of September you can get free shipping, that is hard to pass up!

How much stuff can you put on your tank?

"You sure as heck are not going to carry it, so you need to find some sucker...err...friend to carry it for you..."

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