Get Tanking With Warlord’s Armoured Platoon Sets!

October 1, 2014 by dracs

If you're wanting to get started in the latest Bolt Action supplement Tank Wars, but lack the tanks you're in luck as Warlord have started releasing Armoured Platoon Boxed Sets to get you started.

So far, only the US and the Soviet Armoured Platoons have been released, but Warlord have promised that more are on the way.

US Armoured Platoon

The US Armoured Platoon Boxed Set brings with it three Shermans in hard plastic.

Soviet Armoured Platoon

The Soviets also get three tanks, theirs being the T-34/85. However, their set also contains a sprue of eight infantry figures, which can be placed upon the tank models as riders.

I think these sets are a good move by Warlord as they provide you with a good bases to build and armoured force around. What do you think?

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