More Tanks Join the Soviet War Machine in Bolt Action

June 3, 2013 by dracs

Two new tanks are rumbling out of Warlord for the Soviets to bring to bear upon the Nazi aggressors and push them back to Berlin.

The first of these two vehicles of war brings some serious fire power down on the enemy. The Soviet ISU-152 Self-Propelled Artillery.

Soviet Self-Propelled Artillery

This was essentially a mobile artillery platform, proving useful in urban combat situations and could also double as a tank buster.

And speaking of tank busting the Soviets are getting something to help them in that department, the ISU-122 Tank Destroyer.

Soviet ISU-122 Tank Destroyer

Both of these carried thick armour allowing them to weather even high explosive rounds and carry the Soviet forces to victory.

Warlord's tank miniatures generally match their real life very closely and with an often impressive attention for detail. These two sculpts look to be upholding this tradition. For us none tank buffs it can sometimes be a little harder to judge miniature representations of them, as opposed to some imaginative sci-fi design. However, Warlord's minis always maintain a clear sense of quality and accuracy.

Who among you wields the might of the Red Army?

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