Warlord Aid The Resistance & Prepare The Home Guard!

August 6, 2013 by brennon

Warlord Games have been busy working away and they have finished Nicole Minet for the Armies of France and the Allies supplement for Bolt Action. On top of that they are bringing the Home Guard of Dad's Army to the tabletop!

Nicole Minet (Simone Segouin) French Resistance

Nicole Minet (aka Simone Segouin) was one of the resistance fighters in France and could be the perfect addition to your army as they try and win back the capital and surrounding villages from the German forces.

Dad's Army

To make things even better Warlord Games have also won themselves the right to produce Dad's Army figures for 28mm wargaming! They are going to be sculpting the whole bally lot of them in a cool boxed set. They might not be very good at fighting but they would be an awesome collectors item!

Bolt Action is just getting better and better isn't it!

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