Warlord Bring in Siberian Veterans to Battle the Third Reich

May 24, 2013 by dracs

When it comes to fighting in the cold climes of Russia the Germans will be no match for the battle hardened Siberian Veterans Warlord have just released.

Siberian Veterans

Here's what Warlord have to say about these frostbitten veterans:

"Epitomising what Hitler referred to as the ‘Asiatic Hordes’, the Siberians were battle-hardened from their service in the conflict against Japan in the east.

Coming as a rude shock to the forces of the Third Reich, the veteran Siberian troops fell upon the over-extended German forces. They were used in mass assaults hurling themselves into the German lines fully prepared to fight in close quarters, wielding wicked knives and using their entrenching tools to terrible effect.

Raised from the forces in the far east of the Soviet Union they were used to deprivation and hardship, and their stamina in the the deep, hostile snows in their homeland was a constant source of amazement to their foe."

Siberian Veterans Box

These miniatures certainly look the part of grizzled veterans, a role backed up by their box art. These guys are now ready to join the Soviet cause, encouraged onwards by their commissar and his trusty loud hailer.

Will these Siberian Troops be serving Mother Russia for you?

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