Warlord Build Operation Sea Lion Bundles For Your Campaigns

July 31, 2017 by brennon

Warlord Games has put together some Operation Sea Lion Bundles for you to help bring together an army to either defend Britain or invade it as the Germans in this alternative take on World War II.

British Home Defence Force

The first of the sets collects together a lot of the newer releases and indeed some older ones too for the British. It gives you some of the hapless Home Guard (who were still very brave souls) plus some of those awesome new Navy soldiers too. You also get a smattering of tanks and other vehicles to help with your defence of the realm.

The Germans actually get two different sets for you to choose from with one being a force approaching via the sea...

Blitzkrieg Sea Lion Invasion Force

...and the other taking to the air to strike from above and further inland.

Blitzkrieg Gigant Strike Force

It looks like it wasn't just the British who liked the idea of assaulting during an invasion using gliders. I think these sets are a great way to start telling a new story on the tabletop and you'll have some very characterful armies to play with in Bolt Action.

What do you think of the new bundles?

"The Germans actually get two different sets for you to choose from..."

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