Warlord Take The Fight To Jerry With British Expeditionary Force

February 5, 2014 by brennon

Warlord Games are bolstering the invasion forces, and that of the Home Guard of course, with the British Expeditionary Force boxed set for Bolt Action. Check this one out if you're a British player looking to reinforce his army.

British Expeditionary Force Cover

British Expeditionary Force Miniatures

You'll be getting your hands on a ten man infantry team, an anti-tank gun, a machine gun, a light mortar and an officer to lead them all into the fray. They might not have done so well in reality but you can change their fate on the tabletop by using their equipment to good effect and leaving the Germans bloodied.

I did start a German force for Bolt Action, and I like them a lot, even if they feel like they have a bit of a raw deal rules wise. But, saying that I do think the British are fairly awesome and it would be good to have a little side force of them I reckon.

Will you grab this?

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