Warlord Defend the Atlantic Coast in Pre-Painted Bunkers

October 6, 2013 by dracs

The Normandy landings were one of the most iconic battles of WWII. In films and TV we have seen men running over the sand to assault the sturdy defenses of the German bunkers. Now Warlord can help you recreate such scenes with the help of pre-painted resin bunkers.

Atlantik Wall

This set brings three different bunkers, each with removable roofs for when the fighting gets up close. Such bunkers made up the strong defense line of the Atlantic Wall, along with machine gun emplacements, stretches of barb wires and lots of other goodies for attackers to deal with.

Three Atlatntik Bunkers

Atlantik Bunker

Atlantik Bunker 2

Atlantik Bunkers

High quality pre-painted terrain like this is great for us gamers as it means it is practically ready to use as soon as we get it. With the addition of a little weathering these bunkers would be excellent centre pieces for a recreation of D-Day.

Is your Bolt Action game in need of these bunkers?

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