Warlord Games Explore The Armies Of Great Britain

January 21, 2013 by brennon

Warlord Games have looked at both the Armies of Germany and the Armies of the United States but they are now exploring the different forces that make up the Armies of Great Britain for Bolt Action...

Armies of Great Britain

Captain Charles Upham - VC & Bar

This book will do what others have done in the past and cover the different forces that made up the armies of Great Britain during World War II.

Expect to find Canadian, New Zealand, Australian and Gurkha soldiers within expanding your experience within the game of Bolt Action. It also comes with an exclusive miniature you can see above, Captain Charles Upham.

From Warlord...

"For all his remarkable exploits on the battlefield, New Zealander Upham was a shy and modest man, embarrassed when asked about the actions he had been decorated for. “The military honours bestowed on me,” he said, “are the property of the men of my unit.”"

Read more about him HERE.

Will you be joining forces with the British?

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