Warlord Games Put Together Three Tank War Starter Sets

September 4, 2017 by brennon

If tanks are your thing, and especially World War II tanks then you'll want to check out the new Tank War Starter Sets from Warlord Games for their Bolt Action spin-off game.

British Tank War Starter Set

They have broken down the sets so far into British, German and US forces. The British one is shown above and gives you all of the rules for Tank War as well as plenty of gubbins and accessories to make playing the game painless. I especially like the little unit cards!

Tank-wise inside you're going to get...

  • 2x Plastic Sherman V medium tanks
  • 1x Plastic Sherman Vc Firefly medium tank
  • 3x Plastic Churchill heavy tanks

Going up against them you're going to have the Germans as the Axis forces of choice presently.

German Tank War Starter Set

As you might imagine this set comes with some monstrous tanks to have to deal with.

  • 3x Plastic Tiger I Ausf E heavy tanks
  • 3x Plastic Panther Ausf A medium tanks

Do you want to end up facing off against that? The look of the German tanks has always been one menace and purpose and it's nice to have a collection like this.  Last but not least we have the US who might have to ally with the British if they want to take down the Germans!

US Tank War Starter Set

Here your tanks of choice roll out as...

  • 3x Plastic M4 Sherman medium tanks
  • 3x Plastic M18 Hellcat tank destroyers

...which is a nice mix and the US did have some of the best looking tanks from the period I think you'll agree. Now the real question is which one of these sets do we buy for John and Justin to play around with on the tabletop?

Which set would you pick?

"I especially like the little unit cards!"

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