Warlord Releases Germany Strikes!: Early War In Europe For Bolt Action

July 13, 2015 by stvitusdancern

Warlord Games has released the next book in the Bolt Action series, Germany Strikes!. This time they are tackling the early period of WWII, this war was so long (six years) and saw so many technological advances that it is broken into three periods: early, middle and late war.

Germany Strikes

Obviously the late war is the most popular as that is we see all the cool equipment that everyone is familiar with. Unfortunately, the early war period see the least amount of love and I am of the belief that it is the most pivotal of the three periods. It is here that failed campaigns could have possibly shortened the war (Dunkirk - Dieppe).

This is when we also see the German Army at its peak of performance and fighting capability. Now you can replay these vital battles and see if you can change the course of history.

Jack Churchill

When you order the book directly from Warlord you can receive the special edition of Jack Churchill, that sword carry and only recorded kill with a bow and arrow in WWII. This colourful character is truly what legends are made of. If you are a Bolt Action like me then this is a must for your library.

What is your favorite period of WWII?

"...I am of the belief that it is the most pivotal of the three periods."

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