Warlord Roll out Some Practical British Infantry Support

May 8, 2012 by brennon

Warlord Games show that tanks don't have to be massive like the French one we saw last week. Check out the A11 Matilda I, a British tank used to support the advance of Infantry in Bolt Action.

A11 Matilda I (Front)

A11 Matilda I (Side)

A11 Matilda I Photo

The A11 Matilda I was a stout little tank that was used to support infantry and kill the enemies during World War II. It was fitted with a heavy machine gun and while devastating if deployed correctly was incredibly hard to operate. While having a heavily protected central hull the tracks were totally exposed and could easily be disrupted.

I can't help but feel that poor bloke poking his head out of the top may catch a stray bullet if he isn't careful.

If you're looking for something heavier then check out the Work-in-Progress shots of the new M5 Stuart Tank...

M5 Stuart Tank WIP #1

M5 Stuart Tank WIP #2

M5 Stuart Tank WIP #3

A rather smart looking tank so far. Let's hope it isn't long till this hits the battlefield as I can imagine a fair few Bolt Action generals can't wait to unleash its payload on the enemy.

Will you be picking up the Matilda or awaiting the Stuart?

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