Warlord Stop Your Tanks in Their Tracks with Plastic Obstacles

August 1, 2014 by dracs

The Bolt Action supplement Tank Wars will see large scale tank battles taking place upon your tabletop, but it will need something more than just tanks. It needs terrain pieces to get in the way of those tanks!

Anti-Tank Obstacles

This set contains plastic Dragons Teeth blocks to form obstacles against tank movements, and also brings you some barbed wire frames to help channel enemy infantry.

Anti-Tank Obstacles Dragons Teeth and Barbed Wire

These obstacles will be an interesting inclusion into your games as you have to take them into account when planning your tank movements. They were a fairly common sight on the battlefields of WWII, and will help to accurately recreate them on the tabletop.

What other ways did they come up with for dealing with tanks in WWII? Other than big guns I mean.

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