Warlord Wreck the Place With a Bolt Action Wrecked House

October 19, 2014 by dracs

The battles in Europe during WWII understandably caused quite a bit of damage to the local architecture, an example of which has been released by Warlord Games. Would you take cover in their Wrecked House?

Wrecked House

As you can see from the box cover, this ruined building provides the perfect place for a brave unit of men to hold out against superior numbers, if not indefinitely, than at least for long enough to give back up a time to reach them.

The kit comes unpainted, but does include some useful defensive details, such as sandbags and the door taken off its hinges to use as a barrier.

Wrecked House Top Down

Wrecked House Back Entrance

By including this wrecked house on your tabletop, along with other buildings and terrain pieces, will help you create a believable urban setting for your battles. This kit would also make the perfect piece for smaller skirmish level games, providing a good centre piece for base under siege style scenarios.

Do you like Warlord's terrain kits? What do you think of the state they have left this house in?

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