Warlord’s Bolt Action Releases Ahead of Schedule!

September 10, 2012 by brennon

Warlord Games have got so excited about the release of Bolt Action that they couldn't hold it in any longer. The wargame of World War II conflict is ready!

Bolt Action Rulebook

This updated has been eagerly awaited and we can't wait to give it a go, checking out how things have changed within the world of Bolt Action. To help you on your way Warlord Games have a selection of army deals too. Below is the British Army Deal and the German Army Deal, but there are many more to choose from...

500pts British Army Deal

500pts German Army Deal

And there's also the bits and pieces you need for gaming! Warlord really have pushed the boat out with this game and it's looking pretty fantastic.

Bolt Action Pinned Markers

Bolt Action Order Dice

Some cool looking Pinned Markers and Bolt Action Order Dice ready for you soldier! Has this game been on your most wanted list for a very long time?

Make sure to head out and grab these rules!

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