Warlord’s Bolt Action Brits Await Operation Sea Lion Campaign

May 13, 2017 by brennon

Operation Sea Lion is going to be getting underway soon at Warlord Games for Bolt Action and that means a new Campaign Book for you to get stuck into plus, of course, some new models too...

Operation Sea Lion

So what's inside?

"With this new Campaign book for Bolt Action, players can fight the battles of World War II’s greatest ‘What If’ scenario. Defend the beaches of Kent against waves of German landing craft, parachute into the Home Counties in a surgical strike to capture Winston Churchill, or rally the Home Guard to hold off the invaders!

With new rules, scenarios, and unit types covering the unique features of this alternative history campaign, you now have the chance to rewrite the history of World War II."

Well, that sounds rather awesome and as you can see you will also get yourself your own Winston Churchill sporting his own weapon, ready to defend the shores of Blighty against German invaders.

As well as the new book you'll need some new miniatures too and that's where a whole raft of new models come in from Warlord Games.

Crazy Contraptions

The British tried all manner of odd things when it came to the invasion of Normandy and it's defence and one such thing was this, The Great Panjandrum (sounds like the name of a Wizard).


It was intended as a piece of technology for invading the beaches but it never really took off. Instead, it became more popularly associated with the Home Guard and a particular episode of Dad's Army.

In a more useful move, there was also plans put in place to kit the Home Guard and more soldiers out with gun emplacements like the Smith Gun here.

British Home Guard Smith Gun

While this small pillbox style weapon was helpful they also added in more. You can check out more of their Artillery Options HERE with Mortars, Bombards and even the last black powder weapon ever issued, the Northover Projector.


Useful in moving around they also had the British MK III Armadillo at their disposal. When you can mount up in a truck you are decidedly better off when it came to responding to emergencies.

Mk III Armadillo

Converted from whatever lorries they could find out there on the road it was then retrofitted with guns to make it a rolling gun platform. You'll notice it is actually rather heavily armed and could have withstood quite the fighting if it ever got to see action.

Boots On The Ground

When it came to the men guarding our shores you'll be glad to know that the British LDV are coming to the tabletop from Warlord Games.

British LDV Section

These Local Defense Volunteers who had to make do without uniforms, to begin with, were patrolling the British countryside looking for anyone who might be a spy or threaten our shores. Also known as the Look, Duck & Vanish brigade they might not have had to be called into action in reality, but in Operation Seal Lion maybe they will.

If you want some marksmen to watch the roads and take out commanders Warlord also designed a set of British Snipers In Ghillie Suits.

British Shipers In Ghillie Suits

Better to hide and disrupt the enemy with your snipers than engaging in too many full-on firefights I say.

Will you be taking part in Operation Sea Lion?

"As well as the new book you'll need some new miniatures too and that's where a whole raft of new models come in from Warlord Games..."

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