Warlord’s Royal Navy Get Ready To Teach The Axis A Lesson

July 18, 2017 by brennon

One of the new metal boxes that popped up over the weekend from Warlord Games was the Royal Navy Section containing ten metal miniatures for Bolt Action.

Royal Navy Section #1

As you can see the set gives you a good selection of models, all with individual poses (which is nice!) that are ready for battle against the invading German forces in Operation Sea Lion. I particularly like the fellows with their Molotov cocktails!

Royal Navy Section #2

Most of the soldiers are carrying Lee Enfield Rifles although you also get yourself a Lewis machine gun thrown into the mix. They are useful soldiers for setting up assaults from sea-to-shore!

As Warlord also mention, their deep blue uniforms help provide a nice contrast to otherwise completely khaki looking British forces during the period too.

What do you make of these Navy boys?

"I particularly like the fellows with their Molotov cocktails!"

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