Warplanes Scream Across The Sky With New Bolt Action Rules

March 21, 2014 by brennon

The chaps at Warlord Games have put together a little bit of a rules update for using Warplanes in your games of Bolt Action. Now you'll be strafing and bombing to your hearts content with a range of different aircraft for a variety of factions.

Strafing Run

Taking Out Armour

The planes will start in reserve and can only be given orders to Advance or Run (or Down if you want to keep it in reserve). When they come on you nominate a target for it's attack and it screams onto the field ready to deal some damage.

The planes can then fire at armour and infantry and if you have the interceptor rule on your planes then you can even get into a dogfight with other planes drifting around the battlefield.




Above are some of the models you can get for use on the tabletop. These are just for the Americans, Germans and British but you can get planes for the Japanese, Soviets and French too. A whole range of planes are available once you follow the link at the top of the page.

I think this is a neat addition to the game and should be fun to play around with.

Will you be picking up a plane?

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