Become The White Death With Armies Of Italy & The Axis

November 13, 2013 by brennon

Warlord Games have put their new book for Bolt Action, Armies of Italy & The Axis up on their webstore. Now you can get your hands on the book and start an army from a myriad of other forces that joined in during World War II.

Armies of Italy & The Axis

This book allows you to play as one of the factions that threw their lot in with the Axis during the war and ranges from the more well known Italian forces to those from Bulgaria and Romania. One of the big additions is also the deadly Finnish and particular the sniper, The White Death, who will have his eye on all your officers when he activates.

The White Death

As far as I can tell you can still get your hands on this model via the Warlord webstore so if you'd like to add a special sniper to your force then here is your chance.

I have been playing Bolt Action for a month or so now and I do love the wild nature of it. Because of the activation mechanic it's always going to be fresh tactical experience every time you play and indeed take a go. Twin that with the scenarios and you have a very good game indeed.

Will you be picking this up?

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