Check Out The Rules For Counterblast Before The Kickstarter!

August 21, 2013 by brennon

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Airlock Games and Bombshell Miniatures are teaming up to bring you Counterblast later on next year but before then you might want to dive into the rules as they stand and give them a play. Check them out here!

Counterblast Rulebook

"COUNTERBLAST is a retro inspired sci-fi setting where you can play heroic characters, dastardly villains, intrepid explorers, and other fantastic creatures. This document is a preview for our first project; a miniatures combat system called Adventure Battle Game. Inside you'll get a taste of the interesting races that inhabit the COUNTERBLAST universe and an overview of the rules."

It sounds like they could be on to a winner and if the miniatures are anything like their creations for the Bombshell Babes range then we're in for a treat on that front too.

Best of all, these rules are free to download so head over and give the game a go in its earliest stages.

Are you looking forwards to Counterblast?

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