Will you Kickstart These Beautiful Bombshells?

September 7, 2012 by brennon

Bombshell Miniatures were the minds behind the wonderful Gen Con exclusive models this year, but they are racing ahead to create a line of their very own. Check out a bit more about this interesting Kickstarter below...

Bombshell Miniatures Examples

"For several years now I have been wanting to launch a new boutique line of miniatures featuring strong female characters. Although I'm using terms like "Bombshell" and "Babes" to describe the line, these characters are much more than either of those outdated terms. The concept needed something retro and nostalgic that evoked images of famous paintings like J. Howard Miller's "We Can Do It" and Rockwell's "Rosie the Riveter"."

"With this new concept, I want to create a strong recognizable brand that stands for excellence in figurative sculpting. My recent work (shown above) for some of the top companies in the gaming industry has brought me into contact with a fantastic group of creative professionals eager to collaborate on this project. From concept art and character design to sculpting and painting the finished models, my goal is to create beautiful figurative sculpture in miniature. And now we have an exceptional team of skilled and talented collaborators who share that goal."

Everyone seemed to fall in love with the recent Privateer Press miniatures and anyone who sculpts for Dark Sword Miniatures has a very good seal of approval on their resume. Let's check out some of the concepts for the 'Babes' on the horizon...

Bombshell Babe Rewards

Exclusive Maelee Kickstarter Figure

The concept work is looking superb and if the previous work is anything to go by this is going to translate over to some great looking miniatures. The real question then is will you fund the project?

The total is close to being smashed right now, only $4,000 or so to go.

What do you make of this latest Kickstarter?

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