A Mekkus Artificer Comes Clanking Towards Bombshell

March 14, 2017 by dracs

Bombshell Miniatures have previewed a new model for the Mekkus of Counterblast, a clanking creation scuttling out on four metal legs.

Mekkus Artificier

With its metal cylinder body, metal tentacle limbs and single eye, this Mekkus Artificer has a very pulp scifi style to it. You could imagine it as something that might show up in Star Wars or even Flash Gordon.

As well as this upcoming model, Bombshell are showing off the finished table they are bringing to AdeptiCon for demo games of Counterblast.

Counterblast Demo Game

Counterblast Edo Colony Adepticon

Counterblast Edo Colony

Featuring an alien Edo Colony, this table features plenty of interesting terrain to provide cover, although I'm sure the Edo will be less happy with you using their homes to dodge weapon fire.

Do you plan to check out Counterblast at AdeptiCon?

"This Mekkus Artificer has a very pulp scifi style to it..."

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