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Winged Hussar Publishing Taking On Battles & Martian Invasions


Winged Hussar Publishing have added a new sourcebook to their collection for you to start planning out some alternative history gaming. The first of these is very much in the theme of otherworld experiences with The Great Martian War by Scott H. Washburn...

Black Library Expand On Horus Heresy With Primarchs Series


The folks at Black Library have announced that they are going to be beginning a new book series set before the time of the Horus Heresy.

Winged Hussar To Produce Lore For Beyond The Gates Of Antares


This fall we will be able to read all about the tales of Beyond The Gates Of Antares. Winged Hussar has announced they are partnering with Warlord and Rick Priestley to bring these stories to life.

FFG Build Their Android World With Premium Background Book


We talked about The World Of Android before with much gusto and I still believe this is a great step in the right direction to have a sourcebook delving into the background of the Android world Fantasy Flight has built and it now has a premium edition!

Osprey Publishing Brings Out The Dwarf Fighter In Us All


Osprey Publishing is always coming out with interesting titles, and this upcoming release is no different. If you are fan of Dwarves, then this book is for you.

Weekender XLBS: Are You Wiz-Ard Enough?


Is this going to be a one cup or two cup episode of The Weekender? Stick on a brew as we go through more news and talk awesome projects... Try A FREE Backstage Trial To Watch The Show

Go On A Bug Hunt With New Osprey Adventure Book


The Osprey Adventures Books tell tales away from the annuls of history. With that in mind one of their latest books is Bug Hunts which takes you into the 23rd Century where aliens are threatening humanity itself...

Fantasy Flight Take You Into The Cyberpunk World Of Android


Fantasy Flight Games have announced that later this year they are going to be releasing a new book delving into the background and World Of Android. This Cyberpunk world, in a future not too far away from our own, this looks like a great book for fans of the universe...

Wild West Exodus Announces Part One Of New Book Series: Family Blood


Fans of the Wild West will be happy to hear that the first in a 2 book series has dropped for Wild West Exodus. Family Blood is sure to capture the attention of the Wild West Exodus followers and offer a glimpse into the tales of steampunk legend.

A Beautiful Book Of Art Is On The Horizon For Magic The Gathering


Are you a collector as well as a gamer? Wizards has announced that January will be bringing a treat for Magic fans with a lovely art book, The Art of Magic the Gathering: Zendikar.

Well Loved Book Series The Dwarves Gets Video Game


The Dwarves by Markus Heitz is not only getting itself a new version of the Board Game but also a full on digital adventure thanks to KINGArt Games who are making an action RPG.

Curse Of The Phoenix Crown Caps Off Black Library Time of Legends Series


Finally, after a huge wait, the Curse of the Phoenix Crown is out from Black Library.

Du Bekar! The Hobbit SBG Issue #2 Coming Soon


I'm very excited to get my peepers around a new issue of SBG from GBHL members Damian and Tom. It will be previewed at Desolation of Stockport and then be available online soon after.

Wargames Illustrated Now Under New Ownership


Wargames Illustrated is now under the control of Dan Faulconbridge thanks to a change of hands this month between them and Battlefront.

Fantasy Bookmarks For Players & DM’s on Kickstarter


Whether you read or play or run games, the Fantasy RPG Bookmark Kickstarter from Nord Games has the perfect accent for you. These bookmark sets are beautiful as well as functional with key headers on them to help you keep track of important pages in your books.

Black Library Detail The Warhammer End Times In A Week Of Short Stories


Which story will you be following along with as Black Library put together a series of short stories for this week of End Times! Maybe you'll read all of them?

Games Workshop Releases Lone Wolves the Graphic Novel


Games Workshop is revisiting another one of their works from the past, this time it is the story of the Lone Wolves and it is released as a graphic novel.

Play Your Way Through a Great Book in Maelorum Vol. 2


If you enjoy both reading and gaming, the check out the Maelorum, Volume Two Kickstarter. This dark adventure novel allows you to choose the path you character takes throughout the book, essentially allowing you to play along as you read!

Gotrek & Felix Join The End Times Story Of Warhammer


Dive into The End Times and the final journey for Gotrek Gurnisson and Felix Jaeger as they head North to help hold back the hordes of Chaos and an army of trolls.

Sample Chapter – The Dragoon Clan: Rebirth of Courage


Winged Hussar Publishing have provided us with another sample chapter for a book they think might well interest some of you Backstage members.

Hear The Tales Of Dungeons & Dragons’ Drizzt For Free!


Read the many stories of Drizzt as Wizards of the Coast released a short story selection read by a whole bunch of different celebrities!

Gotrek & Felix To Face Their Biggest Challenge Next Year


See who the next target is for Gotrek & Felix as they head off into the Chaos Wastes to face the Master himself. Do you think the legendary slayer will be able to stand up to this foe?

Thor Is No Longer Worthy! Welcome A New Goddess Of Thunder!


See what you make of this change in the upper echelons of Asgard! Thor has been judged unworthy and is being replaced by one who is truly able to wield Mjolnir! See what you think of the new God(dess) of Thunder!

Wild West Exodus: Honor Among Outlaws – Sample Chapter


If you are a Backstage member this is your chance to have a read though a sample chapter from "Honor Among Outlaws"!

Warhammer Week At Black Library Adds Short Stories Every Day


There have been a selection of short stories heading out from Black Library this week for the awesome Warhammer Fantasy Week! Head on over and read stories of Skaven, Chaos and Empire forces with two more to come!

Book Review: All You Need is Kill


Here at BoW, we've all been pretty excited about the upcoming Tom Cruise sci-fi movie Edge of Tomorrow. But did you know that this movie about soldiers in robotic power suits fighting aliens comes from a Japanese book? I'm here now to tell you what I thought. Get stuck into Hiroshi Sakurazaka's All You Need is Kill!

Gotrek & Felix: Kinslayer Details & Cover Revealed


See what you think of the awesome looking artwork for the next entry in the 'slayer' series of novels from Black Library.

Gotrek & Felix Heading Off On Their Final Adventure?


The finale of the Slayer series approaches? Quite possibly if news of the new installment, Kinslayer is to be believed.

Get A Vision Of Impending Heresy With Black Library


Uncover more information and artwork of the world behind the Horus Heresy with a free ebook and artwork in Visions Of Heresy from Black Library.

Black Library Tell Tales Of The Anvil Of Fenris


Hear the tales of Arjac Rockfist in a new novella and limited edition coming from Black Library.

Black Library Tell The Origin Story Of The Everchosen


More Warhammer Fantasy love comes our way from Black Library. This time they are delving into the back story of the mightiest Lord of Chaos, Archaon.

Black Library Tell Tales Of Grudges & The Empire


Will you be picking up this reading material from Black Library? Thorgrim and The Empire are waiting.

Purple Guerrilla Take Mantic Games Digital


Will you be investing in the digital age as Mantic Games takes DreadBall and more to your devices over the next few months.

Yogscast Take On The Forest Of Doom Fighting Fantasy Book!


See how the Yogscast got on when they took on Fighting Fantasy and the game book, The Forest of Doom.

Black Library Unleash The Wolf Of Sigmar Soon


The Wolf of Sigmar will rise in the concluding chapter of The Black Plague Time of Legends series by C.L.Werner.

Get a Bundle of Space Marines for Christmas from Black Library


For those of you struggling to find a gift for the gamer with everything this Christmas, you might want to consider Black Library's new bundles, bringing you all the great stories of the Space Marines.

Black Library To Tell The Story Of Mighty Thorgrim


Check out the next big hero to get his story in print for the world of Warhammer Fantasy. This one should be a big deal!

Gotrek & Felix Take On The Serpent Queen In New Novel


Will you be heading off into the deserts of Khemri with Gotrek & Felix in The Serpent Queen?

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals From Privateer Press


Will you be jumping in and dealing with these mighty deals from Privateer Press? See what you think of some of their bundles that are coming out on Monday.

Book Review: Honor Among Outlaws by Craig Gallant


We all love a good western. Stories of daring outlaws and courageous lawmen living on the fringes of civilization. They're even better when you throw in jet bikes, heat guns and robots! Such is the world of Wild West Exodus which Craig Gallant introduces us to in the first of the Jesse James Archives Honor Among Outlaws.

Re-imagining The X-Men With The Order Of X!


Check out this awesome set of artwork by Nate Hallinan who has transplanted the X-Men back into the Dark Ages for some fantasy fun!

A Gamer Dad Adventure Begins on IndieGoGo in TROOOOLLS!


If you have been watching our Weekender episodes you will have seen Warren's Gamer Dad segment. Now an IndieGoGo campaign has appeared from MiniWarGamer Dave as he takes his kids on an adventure in his book TROOOOLLS!

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