Play Your Way Through a Great Book in Maelorum Vol. 2

October 10, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

If you're anything like me, and enjoy to read as well as game, then why not combine the two? I have such fond memories of the Choose Your Own Adventure Books as a child and that very premise is revisited now in a Kickstarter for Maelorum, Volume Two by wfincher.

maelorum 2 (640x464)

Maelorum is a dark fantasy novel, that features YOU as the main character. That means you make the critical decisions, walk around and explore, and fight creatures and villainous characters in the story. The best part is that the choices you make along the way will influence the way the book ends for you. That being said, you can reread and have a different adventure each time! It is fully illustrated, and has some amazing expansion material to enrich your story- like a card deck, maps, and much more!

maelorum vol1 (640x480)

This is obviously the second installment in this series, which makes me want to go on a quest for the first! Any excuse to pry phones and tablets from people and get them into a book is a good one- and well, if  that book leads you into the world of gaming.....all the better!

Will you be adding a little reading to your gaming?

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