Reveal A Tale Of Sorcery! With New iDevice App

May 3, 2013 by brennon

Steve Jackson's Sorcery! has hit iDevices and it looks like it could be a perfect time sink for when you're on the train or simply just taking a break. Make a few choices while you're eating lunch!

Sorcery Screenshot #1

Sorcery Screenshot #2

Sorcery Screenshot #3

The game plays just as you would imagine a Choose Your Own Adventure would, where you make choices and fight monsters across an unfolding story that could lead to your doom at any moment! Maybe that's just the experiences from Deathtrap Dungeon talking.

  • Plot your own journey across a hand-drawn 3D world map
  • Fully interactive story, with 1000s of choices
  • The story is rewritten on the fly based on how you play
  • Unique touch-based sword-duelling, with procedurally-generated descriptions of the action
  • Outwit monsters by learning their weaknesses and tells
  • 48 magic spells to master, with weird and wonderful effects that change the story

Sorcery Screenshot #4

Sorcery Screenshot #5

The art style is beautifully hand drawn and echoes the old school feel of a Fighting Fantasy novel. All the monsters have an eerie edge to them which makes taking that next step in the story all the more daring.

Watch the trailer for the game above and see what you think. Will you be casting spells and wandering the land in Sorcery!?

Let me know folks.

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