Thor Is No Longer Worthy! Welcome A New Goddess Of Thunder!

July 16, 2014 by brennon

We don't usually dive into the world of comic books but this has been quite the big piece of news from Marvel. The Thor that you've come to know from comics and films is no longer worthy and has been replaced! See what you think of the new wielder of Mjolnir!

Fem Thor (Close-Up)

The change will come in October and while people are doubting whether or not it's going to last very long (remember when Wolverine was going to die for good?) it is quite an interesting change and I really want to know more about this shift of the balance of power in Asgard!

Fem Thor

Unworthy Thor

It seems as if the original Thor, pictured above, has become unworthy of his station and therefore has been replaced. While I have called her Fem Thor and Lady Thor there is no mistaking the fact that she is not a 'stand-in' according to Marvel. She IS Thor now.

I'm sure we'll know more in time!

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