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Weekender XLBS: Future Boot Camps & Upcoming 40k Content!


Welcome to a Saturday edition of The Weekender XLBS where we're talking about the Boot Camps, Upcoming Content (Warhammer 40,000!) and more...

VLOG: Prepare To Enter The Warzone (Resurrection)!


It's the middle of the week so time for another update from BoW HQ. The Infinity Boot Camp tables are coming together for our guests!

The Worldwide D-Day Challenge Part Two – Assembling The Invasion!


While the battles have begun to play out for the Worldwide D-Day Challenge Community Member Oriskany takes us through some more of the in-depth planning that has gone into this HUGE event.

The Worldwide D-Day Challenge Part One – Planning The Invasion


As the Worldwide D-Day Challenge to commemorate the battles that took place on June 6th around Normandy, France approaches. Find out how this all came together in this new article series.

Weekender XLBS: How Do You Get Mad Max On The Tabletop?


Happy Sunday! Welcome to The Weekender XLBS where we're talking about all things post-apocalyptic and wasteland-like in the wake of so many people checking out the new Mad Max film...

Weekender: Ace Myth Minis, Prodos Head Sculpts & The 100th Episode!


After the insanity that was the Bolt Action Boot Camp we're back with The Weekender and it's 100th Episode of the show today!

Bolt Ack Ack Acktion! Battle Report


Bolt Action meets Mars Attacks in this epic Battle Report Bolt Ack Ack Acktion! Download a Free Set of Rules Inside.

Last Chance to Grab Your Infinity Boot Camp Ticket!


Book Your Ticket Using the Booking Form Inside

Bolt Action Boot Camp: Sunday


Bolt Action Boot Camp: Saturday


Bolt Action Boot Camp: Friday


Warlord Releases New Plastic German Grenadier Starter Army


Warlord Games releases a really nice starter army for German forces in Bolt Action.

VLOG: Bolt Action Boot Camp – Getting into the (Electro) swing of things


The Bolt Action Boot Camp is almost here and the team has the music pumping to help them get into the groove when adding the finishing details to the tables the lucky boot campers will do battle on this weekend. Plus details on the Infinity Boot Camp.

Weekender: Mars Attacks Ready For All Out War!


On this weeks Weekender we talk Mars Attacks, Kings of War, Boot Camps and more!

VLOG: Bolt Action Boot Camp Progress + Mantic In The Studio


With the Bolt Action Boot Camp a little over a week away the team is working hard to complete the tables for the event. Not only that we have Rich from Mantic Games in the studio as he and Justin are in the middle of filming a new series...

Book your Infinity Bootcamp Place, and Warpath 2 Alpha Access for Backstage!


VLOG: What’s Going On Up BOW’s Back Alley


With the Bolt Action Boot Camp soon the team is working frantically to get the gaming boards ready. Some of them have disappeared into the back alley behind our offices and Lloyd's on hand to find out what's going on...

Weekender: Boot Camps, Salute Winners & Checking Out Emergence Event


Welcome back to The Weekender that took a bit of a hiatus last week due to our Salute coverage which was awesome but very tiring!

Eden’s Path: A Story from the Dropzone Commander Boot Camp


Eden's Path, the slowly crumbling remains of a once great artistic city. The site of a doomed attempt to counterattack the Scourge invasion, the city has since been left to fall to pieces.

Dropzone Commander Boot Camp Day 3


Great Discounts to Celebrate Dropzone Commander Boot Camp


Dropzone Commander Boot Camp Day 2


Dropzone Commander Boot Camp Day 1


So this evening kicks off the Dropzone Commander Bootcamp, brought to you by Beasts of War, Hawk Wargames & Army Painter.

VLOG: Getting The Lasts Bits Ready For This Weekend


Just a very quick update guys. We're closing in on having the last parts of our Bootcamp Weekend ready to roll out. Safe journeys to everyone joining us, and if you didn't make it we hope you enjoy our live blog coverage over the weekend.

VLOG: The Amazing 4Ground Feature Table


Wanna see a crazy beautiful Dropzone Commander Gaming Table?

Vlog – Even More Work on The Dropzone Boot Camp!


Just a quick one guys as the team keep working like crazy, to bring you a great weekend of gaming!

VLOG: Dropzone Commander Boot Camp Tree Surgery!


With the DropZone Commander Boot Camp now a week away were're still working hard on our gaming boards. Today everybody is chipping in on basing our K&M tress which involves dipping into Justin's nest-egg!

VLOG: Dropzone Commander Boot Camp Prep!


With the Dropzone Commander Boot Camp edging ever closer we thought we'd show you the progress being made on the gaming boards the fledging commanders will be playing on when they arrive here for the weekend!

Vlog: Boot Camp Tables, AT-ATs & Heroic Package Arrives


It's time for your weekly look at what's been going on at Beasts of War HQ. This week has been pretty manic so far and it's showing no signs of slowing down even with the mid-week hump!

Book Your Bolt Action Boot Camp Ticket Now! (SOLD OUT!)


Weekender XLBS: Wrath Of Kings First Look & a Furious Boot Camp?


Happy Sunday! This morning we're taking a look at one of the massive projects to come out of CoolMiniOrNot and that's Wrath of Kings! We'll be discussing the different factions and a few of us might be calling dibs on a faction or two!

BoW Dropzone Commander Boot Camp 13th-14th March 2015!


Sold Out So it's all settled! The wheels are in motion and we're gearing up for an awesome Dropzone Commander weekend in March on the 13th and 14th!

VLog: Event Coverage & Dropzone Boot Camp Gets Green Light


It's all go today! Lloyd is gearing up to test out our new event coverage system, Warren has caught the plague, but is soldiering on to get the Dropzone Commander Boot Camp Weekend up and running while Justin and John have been in the studio filming away and having more thoughts on Bolt Action.

Weekender XLBS: Hobby Time & BoW Boot Camp Green Light?


Happy Sunday! On the XLBS today we'll be talking about all the cool hobby stuff we've been getting up to!

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