Beasts of War – Black Friday Roundup!

November 24, 2011 by beerogre

This is it guys... here's your chance to play investigative reporter! What is your favourite sale or bargain this Black Friday?

Post the link below so that everyone can check it out... and if you're a retailer then why not put up a post about your store and what you have to offer!

It's one day only, the gloves are off and this is your chance to get the word out about yuor favourite store, game or discount RIGHT NOW!

Please limit your post to one link, multiple link will send your post into the authorisation dungeon and I don't plan on sitting all evening authorising posts. If you have multiple ideas make multiple posts... however you've got to add a description. Remember, it's open season on savings and our fans have the bullets... if you guys like the link then vote it up. If not then vote it down.

Once a post gets 10 thumbs down it will be greyed out... then fade away... so it's up to the community to show their appreciation.

Like Caesar himself it's thumbs up and down... make your decision!

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