Backstage 24hrs Later an Update…

June 4, 2011 by warzan

Just to Keep you guys in the loop here's some updates.

We will soon be reaching enough backstage subscribers that we can afford to move to shiny new servers (capable of 10x more traffic) so hopefully no more downtime during Turn 8 lol - so if you were thinking about subscribing to backstage lets just say it would be very cool if you hopped on board with us 🙂

So a massive thanks to everyone who has joined up, its already starting to make a difference!

Yup someday BoW HQ may have to look like this! ;o)

Today was spent checking the integrity of the site after last nights crash - which was probably the most severe we have had to date, but hey its growing pains lol. (This is also why we didn't manage to get our planned updates out today as we had hoped - sorry guys!)

Anyway Here's What to Expect Next Week...

1) We will be creating a cool homepage for backstage that will make it easy to find all the cool stuff like the groups, and downloads etc.

2) Backstage will get a shiny new button on the top navigation to make it easy to find.

3) We will have finished setting up the private backstage groups and have some VIP game developers who will be dropping in.

4) We will be kicking off the Private Alpha testing of WARPATH!!! (The new sci fi game from mantic) - Yup only for backstage members.

5) More back stage content including the developer diaries for the first community developed game from Beasts of War - I'll let @beerogre fill you guys in on that though!

6) There's more but i need to keep stuff to write about lol 😉

So if you haven't joined backstage yet - go do it now! 😉

Every Single Subscriber is Making a Difference!

BoW Warren

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