There Be Pirates On Kickstarter In British Vs Pirates Vol. 2!

February 8, 2018 by deltagamegirl22

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You heard right - there be pirates on Kickstarter! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh! Apollo Randall is back on Kickstarter with British Vs Pirates Vol. 2 right now.

This game is a stand-alone second game that can also be used as an expansion of British Vs Pirates Vol. 1 to allow for bigger battles.

British Vs Pirates Vol 2 introduces 2 new factions in its core- the French Navy and the Buccaneers. This means there's a beautiful collection of new ship and Captain cards that are just stunning, as well as new ship minis.

This game introduces a few great new twists for gameplay. In this edition, players will get a fort to defend, which means the win conditions have changed slightly. You can now claim victory by destroying your opponent's ships OR their fort! But the best part is that the fort is a playable component of your fleet, offering both a weapon to fend off the enemy as well as healing/repair buffs for your fleet. And the new twists don't stop there.

There are now Crew Tokens that may be added to your Captain card to change the buffs, offering a wonderful new level of variety to your games.

And last, but certainly not least, is the addition of the Event Deck. I absolutely LOVE this piece of the game. At any time before you activate your ships, you may discard a skill card from your hand to draw an Event Card. These come into play as soon as they're drawn and can be both good and bad, or influence one or both players.

They may offer repairs or perhaps change the wind direction. They may bring your opponent's movement or firepower to a stop for a turn. They may even add currents to the sea, change the depths to restrict movement or drop weather elements onto the board. But if you're really lucky, you might find yourself in control of a Kraken!

And it looks like there is a very cool mission card system! Players blindly draw the cards then assign them to one of their ships and get rewards to completing them.

From the looks of it, missions vary from escorting a large trade ship to blockading a port and even searching for treasure. Very piratey indeed!

The Kickstarter is going strong and offers some great ways to get into the game. You can back Vol 2 to add to your collection and there's even a South Sea alliance add-on, bringing yet another awesome faction into the game with gorgeous new ships!

But if you missed out on British Vs Pirates on its first round on Kickstarter, you can go all in and get both volumes which include the Spanish Armada Expansion- so ultimately you could have access to 6 different factions!

This is really a special game for anyone that loves pirates and naval battles, and if you are an admirer of beautiful art, you will absolutely appreciate card art in this game.

BVP captain1

We've been lucky enough to have a preview copy in the studio, so be on the lookout for a Let's Play soon!

What do you think of the latest twists in British Vs Pirates Vol 2?

"This is really a special game for anyone that loves pirates and naval battles..."

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