Another Stunning Piece On The Way From Broken Toad

June 28, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

It's safe to say that I have found myself simply drawn to Broken Toad's models, like a moth to the flame. They capture such beauty in each piece, the next in the line up is a Victorian bust holding a skull.

BT alas

Yes, Justin, a skull! It's titled "Alas" and she appears to be contemplating death, or perhaps the meaning of life? The piece will be sold with two skull varieties- one in resin and the other in a clear acrylic for a mystical effect.

She is 1/10th scale, and approximately 75mm tall.

What do you think of this stunning piece from Broken Toad?

"She is 1/10th scale, and approximately 75mm tall..."

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