The Alien Invasion Continues With Brother Vinni

March 10, 2014 by brennon

Brother Vinni's have got another Not-XCOM miniature waiting in the wings with a Not-Sectoid looking to scamper away from your advancing squad of alien hunters and join up mentally with it's fellow psychic brethren.

Little Alien

Despite the fact that it is clearly drawn from the look of the characters from XCOM it is an awesome looking sculpt. If you twin that with the Not-Muton that they did a few weeks ago and then nudge them a bit in the ribs to make a team of soldiers maybe we'll see some people picking them up just because that would make quite the neat XCOM collection.

We do love the computer game, and have been looking for some awesome miniatures too so this is right up our street.

Is he the Alien for you?

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