Brother Vinni Arm the Pharaoh’s Harem Girls

September 28, 2014 by dracs

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Brother Vinni have added a couple of new girls to their Egyptian Harem. However, it seems as though these ones have got fed up of being in the Pharaoh's service and have taken up arms.

Armed Harem Girls

Armed Harem Girls Back

It's difficult to say just how effective in combat these half dressed harem girls would be. They'd certainly be distracting, which would probably give them enough time to rush up and slice you with the sickle swords.

These models could help with some Egyptian themed adventures, guarding the Pharaoh or leading a rebellion. Personally, I would like to see someone make a fantasy Egyptian army, like the Tomb Kings before they were cursed, and these could fit in well as the general's entourage.

Do you think these dangerous beauties will look after your Pharaoh?

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