Brother Vinni Fly The Flag For Their Own Female Brigade

October 8, 2014 by brennon

Brother Vinni continue their series of female soldiers with the Female Standard Bearer or as they themselves have touted it "model posing for Imperial army pin-up calender". Something to consider for your collection?

Female Standard Bearer #1

Female Standard Bearer #2

Female Standard Bearer #3

Female Standard Bearer #4

Not a bad sculpt when you think about it beyond the topless part. The standard looks cool and would be fun to try a bit of freehand on. The weapons look brutal and deadly and close-up she's not bad for a warrior woman. It's just a shame that after the last selection of releases which had a more realistic look to them this Standard Bearer has gone back to the pin-up look.

Maybe you could easily armour up her front to make it more in keeping with the rest of your army, or it could quite possibly be the pin-up style miniature you're looking for. The choice is yours!

Will she find a place in your army?

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