Brother Vinni Outfits Their Female Trooper Brigade

August 6, 2014 by brennon

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Brother Vinni are locked and loaded and have kitted out their Female Brigade with a whole range of special weapons including a Flamethrower and Missile Launcher. They're all part of a new Trooper squad lead by a Sergeant too!

Female Trooper Set

First up is the basic trooper set and I'm glad to report that they aren't all scantily clad women! These look like they would be awesome replacements for the standard male Imperial Troopers in games like Warhammer 40,000 and the Astra Militarum!

Flamethrower Trooper

Missile Launcher Trooper

Sergeant Trooper

To add to them we have the aforementioned special weapons and the sergeant for the squad who comes with a sword and pistol as well. You can also buy the heads for these ladies separately therefore allowing you to make your own troopers from whatever kits you prefer.

Not a bad set from Brother Vinni!

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