Brother Vinni Go Raiding In The Southern Seas

February 20, 2014 by brennon

Not content with the normal life of a sailor it seems that Brother Vinni have ganged together with a bunch of Marauders of the Southern Seas and are pillaging and raiding their way down the coast...

Marauders of the Southern Seas (Front)

Marauders of the Southern Seas (Rear)

As you can see they are quite the villainous triple blow. One of them has his swag over his back, probably running for the ship. The second has decided that he has time for some drinking and is already ingesting some of their hard won cargo. Thirdly it looks like slavery might befall that poor woman, or worse, as she is taken away.

These certainly are some very well done miniatures and despite the continued theme of 'captured women' that seems to exist within Brother Vinni's world they would be good within both the historical and fantasy world.

Will you go marauding with them?

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