Brother Vinni Go Swashbuckling With New Don Pedro

December 3, 2013 by brennon

Brother Vinni are continuing their spate of historical releases with another fine figure. This one however isn't a deadly piratical crew member but Don Pedro, an excellent swashbuckling duellist!

Don Pedro Empire Duellist #1

Don Pedro Empire Duellist #2

Once again it's a very, very detailed piece and I think in that way it's very much a looker. The only faults I would raise with it are the very static stance he's in. With the angry look on his face it would have been nice to see him be a little bit more animated in his actions, even if it was just in the moment of swinging his sword.

He is certainly still a top notch miniature for use with fantasy or historical gaming of most sorts!

What do you think?

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