Brother Vinni’s Hire “Black Coffee” To Their Cutthroat Crew

November 28, 2013 by brennon

Brother Vinni's have been busy when it comes to expanding their Arabic Pirate Crew and the latest addition is Mganga "Black Coffee" who will be swinging onto deck and sending you to an early grave with that scimitar of his.

Mganga #1

Mganga #2

As you can see he looks like a rather surly sort and not afraid of stabbing you with any number of instruments of death. I like the addition of the dagger to his side that's almost hidden, as if he is threatening you with the scimitar only to stab you with the dagger when you're not looking.

I think this Arab raiding party is turning out quite nicely and they would make fun models for use in something like Cutlass! actually! I think we genuinely need more pirate games out there, especially ones where you make two awesome ships and then do boarding actions against each other.

Maybe something like that already exists!

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