Become Dragonborn With Brother Vinni’s Hero Of Nord

December 15, 2017 by brennon

Brother Vinni has another character for you to throw towards your Nordic warbands on the tabletop. See what you make of their Hero Of Nord.

Hero Of Nord - Brother Vinni's

Clad in leather armour and furs this fellow no doubt ranges the mountains looking for Dragons to kill so he can absorb their spirit. I imagine he can be quite shouty as well!

Hero Of Nord - Brother Vinni's (Alt)

The model is of course based on the hero from Skyrim that we saw in all of the artwork and trailer footage before the launch of the game. Wearing the famous helmet (that is actually quite low level in-game) he does look rather awesome.

Now you just need a big dragon for him to fight right?

"I imagine he can be quite shouty as well!"

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