Brother Vinni Hammer Out Some Heroic Power Armour

October 5, 2017 by dracs

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Brother Vinni has released their latest variant of power armour for the Nuclear Sandlot range, the Heroic Power Armour with Hammer.

Heroic Power Armour

Heroic Power Armour Back

You can tell this one is heroic because it has a cape. Not just anyone can pull off a cape!

The model is well detailed and the cape does mark the suit out as belonging to someone a step above their fellows. I particularly love that even the hammer looks high tech, considering it is perhaps the simplest tool humanity has ever devised.

Heroic Power Armour Pieces

Brother Vinni's collection of armour clad wasteland warriors would allow a good, varied faction for a post-apocalyptic game. Sort of a fraternity of iron alloys, if you will.

What are your thoughts on this new mini?

"You can tell this one is heroic, because it has a cape..."

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