Muster A Grand Arabian Army With Brother Vinni!

June 18, 2014 by brennon

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Brother Vinni have decided to turn their attention back to some more historical miniatures and have added the beginnings of an Arabian army to their webstore. See what you think of their new Arabian Standard Bearer, Front Rank Infantry and Second Rank Infantry...

Arabian Standard Bearer

We'll kick things off with a look at the Standard Bearer for the regiment. That banner is massive and would probably send him toppling to the ground but it's awesome none the less. The actual miniature itself is very nicely detailed and I reckon you might be able to clip and trim that pole off his arm if you wanted him as just a general Arabian pirate of soldier too.

Arabian Infantry (Front Rank)

Arabian Infantry (Second Rank)

Then we have the real fighting force behind that fluttering banner. These two sets of Arabian Infantry give you a front rank with their spears lowered ready for combat and then a second rank (and more) with their spears up waiting to get into combat. It's certainly not something new and many plastic kits already do this kind of thing but it's neat to see some thought going into unit composition on a whole.

While probably a tad expensive for making an entire army out of them it could be neat to maybe make a detachment for a larger army in a historical game. I know the era is meant to be more focused on the Renaissance but you might be able to get away with using them in a Crusading force for example.

I'd use them as a unit in a larger Empire force for Fantasy that has been drafted in from Araby and used by that particular Elector Count as his elite unit of spearmen. Could even proxy them as something more deadly like Greatswords if you liked to give them that martial prowess feeling.

What do you think?

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