Raise The Viking Banner With Brother Vinni’s Dagmar

September 3, 2016 by brennon

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Brother Vinni are helping to build up that warband of Shieldmaidens with Dagmar for their SAGA range. Here she is with banner raised ready to lead warriors into battle.

Dagmar #1

As you can see she is wearing chainmail armour here and has a handy axe at her side ready to plunge into anyone who would dare mess with her leaders icon. I think she would look good at the prow of a raiding longship.

Dagmar #2

She's not the most overly detailed of models but special attention has been given to her hairstyle (which is awesome) and the banner symbol too. I think she would be fine among a larger retinue.

Dagmar #3

The craze for Shieldmaidens will continue to rage it seems. I'm sure it will also come back to the surface when we get more episodes of Vikings too and Lagertha takes to our screens once more.

What do you think of Dagmar?

"I think she would look good at the prow of a raiding longship..."

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