Big News in Brushfire

May 10, 2011 by dracs

I remember back when I started wargaming I was heavily into a series of books called Redwall, in which armies of anthropomorphic mice would fight hordes of anthropomorphic rats and other vermin. I remember back then thinking that it might be cool to have a wargame like that.

Well On The Lamb Miniatures have a game perfectly tailored to all others who might like to see harmless wood land creatures engaged in blood battle. Brushfire! The game of historic rodent battles and lately it has been seeing some nice new changes.

First off we have the stat cards. Aimed at making it easier to play Brushfire, now you don't have to spend ages looking for your troop stats. If your not already sold on Brushfire, this troop below might just tempt you:

Alongside this we have the release of  the first supplement for Brushfire - Pirates! What's cooler than armies of rodents waging war? Ones that yell AARRR when they charge in.

The rules will allow you to field an entire army of vermin pirates to sweep across the battle field, leaving destruction and droppings in its wake. Or it can allow you to simply take on some mercenaries for your existing Brushfire forces.

What do you think guys? If any of you have played this please let us know below. I have to say I'm intrigued, the idea of a hamster berserker is just too tempting.

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