On The Lamb Present Their AdeptiCon Fantasy Miniature

January 23, 2013 by brennon

AdeptiCon will be here in April and with it comes the official Fantasy Miniature from On The Lamb. Check out Brushfire's Jacques of Martinique below...

Jacques of Martinique (Front)

Jacques of Martinique (Rear)

"Decked in the Crusader’s armor, Jacques of Martinique leads the forces of the Knights Bubonic into battle! As Grand Marshal of the Order, Jacques commands respect by mammals across the world of Brushfire, but sheer disdain and ire from the reptiles of Scyzantium. His gilded shield bears the angelic rat deity Tengri and the Mouse warrior rests assured that his faith will protect him."

There will only be 2000 of these available and I have to say it's quite an awesome looking miniature. He looks a little bit like Martin the Warrior if he had kitted himself out in some chunky armour!

If you're a Brushfire player or not this could be a great exclusive from AdeptiCon.

What do you think?

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