East Street Games Preview First Soldiers From Bullets & Brains!

October 7, 2014 by brennon

East Street Games showed off their rather cool looking skirmish game Valhalla at Salute this year and following it's success next year they're going to be releasing Bullets & Brains too!

LMG Soldier

Sergeant Soldier

Shovel Soldier

They've kicked things off by showing these soldiers in the greens stage that will become the characters you'll be pitting against the dead next year. I quite like them and I think they have a bit of the Metal Slug about them when it comes to the look.

Soldier with Case

Standing Soldier

I think my favourite has to either be the fellow with the medical kit/box of ammo looking a bit gormless or the obvious Sergeant with the cigar in his mouth and a bad attitude.

From the looks of it the game is going to be story driven with neat scenarios featuring these soldiers trying to fight their way through a zombie invasion and dealing with the hapless civilians in the mean time. Considering our recent penchant for zombies and such in games this might be right up our alley.

What do you think?

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