The Dead Feast Upon Bunny Brains in Bunnies vs Zombies

June 8, 2014 by dracs

We have had plants vs zombies and even people vs zombies. Soon, Ninja Division will be bringing us the next logical step in the march of the undead: Bunnies vs Zombies!

Bunnies vs Zombies

Well it looks like the zombie apocalypse is upon us once again and the only thing that stands in the way of the dead is a bunch of cute bunnies. With chainsaws.

Bunnies vs Zombies

This new board game from Ninja Division will see you take on the role of these cute bunnies as they desperately fight off the zombies in order to gather in their precious, precious carrots.

Grab the Carrots

However, the bunnies better gather them in quickly, or else they might just end up as rabbit food.

Zombie Wins

The Kickstarter should be appearing in the next few days, when we should be able to see more of the actual game itself. In the meantime, just from the vibrant art and fun teaser video, I think that this game looks like it could be a lot of frantic fun. We shall have to wait and see what rises from the warren of crowdfunding.

What do you think of a board game featuring a battle between bunnies and the undead?

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